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This is a journal containing notes and ideas from a personal journal that I am willing to and wish to share. For comments with feedback or criticism I can be reached on Facebook or email which you can find under "Contact".

August 8,2021. I am on a three week summer vacation, but have been working on updating my home page today, a windy day with beautiful skies and fascinating cloud formations.


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I want to share how the Hiero's were born. Part of a film clip that I was photographing about eight years ago showed sunlight reflecting on rippling water stemming from a light breeze as in interlude with the fading in and out of scenes in the film. This interlude appeared over some of the scenes I intended to do still photos of. I noticed the forms of the reflections and was fascinated at the many interesting figures I had arrested on film. I systematically went through the whole film and photographed each frame separately where this overlapping of rippling light on the scenes took place. Here is a short example. 

This is the painting which resulted, done in acrylic paint and gold leaf. 135 cm x 100 cm.

November 20, 2021

I don't create forms or figures by myself, but I take random forms from nature and make note of them I make them noticeable, changed in color or texture, but the form remains orthodox. I don't know what causes the attraction, why one form is more elegant or fantastic than another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I experience on excursions or just when I have a camera in my hand, that motives and compositions don't come easily. But as soon as I sit on a bench and just let my eyes roam unfocused, many wonderful things, compositions, appear and make a zoom objective a wonderful invention. Looking at a 400 square meter lawn, have you ever just looked at one blade of grass? Our eyes and brains are much faster than our consciousness is. Looking for four leaf clovers is an intensive ordeal, looking for one to press in a book to give away as a good luck charm. But walking over a clover patch I usually catch one without even looking out of the corner of my eye.


By Facebook I managed to get a film clip to show where the Hieros come from put into my chronical, but it doesn't work here. I'm working on it.