Randolph H. Wolf

This website is continually updated. Its purpose is to present a representative overview of my work to date.


Some of the works are in private collections. The others can be purchased. The prices are derived by using the “Leipziger” calculation factor.


My calculation factor for works on canvas, pressboard or plywood is 16 (sixteen). The price can be calculated by adding the width and height of the original in centimeters and multiplying the sum with my calculation factor (i.e. a work measuring 70 cm x 60 cm makes up the sum of 130 cm. This sum multiplied by 20 € results in a price of 2080 €. 


Objects made of acrylic glass, wood or clay are priced by adding the two largest measurements in centimeters from height, width and depth and multiplying them with a factor of 10 (ten).


Works on paper (Ink, mixed media on paper, aquarelle and gouache) have a calculation factor of 5 (five). The width and height is determined by the sheet size in centimeters.


All prices include 7% value added tax.



Randolph H. Wolf


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This is where I reside and work - Zarrendorf b. Stralsund